Cure golf slice

Cure golf slice

How do I stop slicing golf driver?

How To Fix Your Slice : 7 Simple Steps To Straight Golf Shots Don’t Aim Left. Position Your Golf Ball Properly in Your Setup. Take Note of Your Divots. Fix Your Grip. Keep Your Elbow Tucked During Your Backswing. Transfer Your Weight. Release the Club Prior to Impact.

Why do I keep slicing my driver?

A slice shot is caused by a poor grip and setup, an outside-to-in downswing path and an open clubface. An outside-to-in path occurs when the golfer reaches too far on the downside, bringing the club down to the right of the ball (outside), relative to the target line.

What causes a golf slice?

This visual challenge, called parallax, is caused by your eyes being to the side of the ball at address. Parallax makes slicers try to pull the ball to hit their target. But the more you swing left, the more likely the clubface will be open to that path at impact, which causes a slice .

Can standing too close to the golf ball cause a slice?

An under-plane backswing can cause you to lift and deliver the club over the top of the swing plane on the downswing, creating a path that is outside to inside and resulting in the dreaded slice . Finally, standing too far from the ball can simply force you to hit ball off the toe of the club.

Why do I slice my driver but not my irons?

Very simply, with a less lofted club, it’s easier for the ball to curve. You may even have the same swing with the driver and the iron , however, if you’re hitting down with an iron and up withy the driver (due to ball position), the driver will slice and the irons go straighter (all else being equal).

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Why can’t I stop slicing my driver?

Again, most slices are caused by an over the top motion on the downswing. When adjusting your setup, make sure to check your grip as well. Most players have a grip that is too weak with thumbs down the handle. Make it stronger by turning your hand to the right when you grip the club.

Does a strong grip fix a slice?

If you hit a lot of slices , you should “strengthen” your left-hand position on the club. Many people believe the hand positions should mirror each other, but when you take a strong left-hand grip , doing the same with the right will close your clubface too much at impact.

Does a stiff shaft help a slice?

For some, stiff club shafts are part of the problem. When the clubhead gets to the ball, the shaft won’t unload properly and the face will remain slightly open, causing a slice . Other swing problems also can cause a slice , of course, but shafts that are too stiff can make the problem worse.

Will a shorter driver help my slice?

Our recommendations for the average golfer is 44.5 inches! Making the driver length shorter gives you more control. It will also help you hit the driver on the sweet spot more consistently creating more distance, not less!

Can a closed clubface cause a slice?

You must hit a hook But because you have your clubface closed at address, you must return your face closed at impact as well. If you return your clubface square at impact, that means you opened your clubface during your golf swing. This can cause slices and push- slices .

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Can Ball position cause a slice?

Most slicers play the ball too far back in their stance , which doesn’t give the face enough time to square up. Be careful not to play the ball too far forward, however, as this will only exacerbate that slice and lead to even more left-to-right curve.

Why does my ball slice right?

Nine times out of ten a slice (curving right ) shot is caused because you have a swing that is out-to-inward in trajectory. As you grip the club during your swing, your lower thumb may turn too quickly inward before the club head meets the ball , causing an uneven strike (thus the fatal spin).

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