Wgt golf cheats

Wgt golf cheats

Are there any cheats for WGT Golf?

Over the years, there have been claims that people have been using software to cheat on WGT . However the fact is that even if you do have some kind of software, it is impossible to cheat properly.

How do you get free credits on WGT?

Free WGT Credits When you first start on WGT though it’s good to have a few credits to get you started. To do this you don’t have to part with your money. You can earn free WGT credits . To do this, you simply have to take part in surveys or offers.

What is the point of coins in WGT Golf?

coins can have some value to new WGT members in that they can use coins to rent slightly better equipment through the coin rental clubs.

How do you earn gold coins on WGT Golf?

The real way to hit the big time is to play in paid tournaments. There are a few paid tournaments each week, you pay 100 credits to enter, and then if you place in the top 70, you win credits . If you win a paid tournament, you stand to win 1,800 credits .

How do you become a pro in WGT Golf?

When you have played 10 ranked rounds as Amateur and achieve an average of 80.00 or lower, you are promoted to Pro . When you have played 20 ranked rounds as Pro and achieve an average of 72.00 or lower, you are promoted to Tour Pro .

What are the tiers in WGT Golf?

Tiers and levels From lowest to highest, the tiers are Hack, Amateur, Pro, Tour Pro, Master, Tour Master, Legend, Tour Legend, Champion and Tour Champion. Players advance from one tier to the next based on their current scoring average and number of rounds played at their current tier .

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Is WGT Golf free?

WGT is here to make money so we all realize that it is not free , with the minor exceptions of lower tier players using starter equipment and free balls. But to advance to legend and compete there is a need for better equipment and balls.

How do you level up fast in WGT Golf?

Play a tournament during your cdp and also use your free pass . You will get bonus points for every tournament you play as well with out the cdp bonus . Other than that just keep playing stroke play practice rounds and play the regular courses so you get more ball hitting experience points .

What are XP points in WGT Golf?

Basically XP points are given for playing the game (#of holes, # of shots) so the best and cheapest way is to just play the game. You can increase the XP you will receive by; if you’re playing on mobile, watch the 15-30 sec video after a round/game. It will add a random amount of extra XP points and is basically free.

What does meter speed mean in WGT Golf?

WGT confusingly describes the club and ball specs as meter speed , so it is logical to think of a higher number being a higher speed . This is not the case though. Think of the spec as meter slowness, so the higher numbers give you more slowness.

What are the silver coins for in WGT Golf?

Besides being used to upgrade apparel the silver coins are really just used to wager in H2H coin room games.

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Can you play WGT on computer?

Unlike many other popular online golf games, WGT Golf is not limited to a single platform. You can play WGT Golf on Windows PC , Mac, or your favorite mobile device (iOS, Android , Amazon).

What are credits for in golf king?

You can buy costumes by credits . You can earn credits from the Card packs or buy it using gold bar. Also, you can earn this from your friends by Social tap!

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