Slaley hall golf

Slaley hall golf

How much is a round of golf at Slaley Hall?

18-Hole Priestman Course

Green Fee Mon – Fri Sat, Sun, Holidays
18 Holes £32.5 (36 €) £32.5 (36 €)
Day ticket £60 (66 €) £60 (66 €)

Is Slaley Hall still open?

I am therefore, delighted to say, although subject to continued review, we are expecting to reopen all of our hotels on 4th July 2020. Your safety is absolutely paramount, and I want to take this opportunity to confirm our commitment to this being delivered through a number of important changes throughout every hotel.

When did Slaley Hall open?

Slaley Hall , the uncompleted hotel and golf complex in Hexham, Northumberland, will open its doors on 1 August – six years later than originally scheduled.

Who owns Slaley Hall?


When did the Priestman course open?


How many bedrooms does Slaley Hall have?

141 rooms

How far is Slaley Hall from Hexham?

6 miles

What is in Hexham?

Top Attractions in Hexham Vindolanda. 2,178 reviews. Hexham Abbey. 1,035 reviews. Walltown Crags – Hadrian’s Wall. 705 reviews. Chesters Roman Fort. 675 reviews. Roman Army Museum. 974 reviews. The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre. 401 reviews. Falconry Days. 658 reviews. Housesteads Roman Fort – Hadrian’s Wall. 1,530 reviews.

What county is Slaley Hall in?


Who owns QHotels?


How far is Slaley Hall from Newcastle?

17 miles

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