Golf clash tips

Golf clash tips

Can you cheat at golf clash?

Golf Clash really is a great fun game. I’ve never come across anyone I thought was cheating and I’ve seen no evidence of cheats anywhere online. If you don’t take the game to seriously and don’t worry about the occasional sandbagger then you will find that Golf Clash really is a very good mobile game to play.

Is the game golf clash rigged?

In the end, it has to be said that Golf Clash isn’t rigged . The game is just bad at handling its replay method which is why so many players believe that it is rigged . In the end, all you can do is keep practicing in order to beat even the best replays.

What’s the best clubs to use on golf clash?

Best Club of Each Type in Golf Clash

Club Type Club Name Club Level
Driver The Apocalypse 7
Wood The Cataclysm 7
Long Iron The B52 7
Short Iron The Hornet 8

How do you zoom in on golf clash?

To get to 100% press Command and 0 at the same time. To zoom in, press Command and + at the same time. To zoom out, press Command and – at the same time. Please note, the only game that will play full screen is Eagle Eye.

Are there bots in golf clash?

Why You Don’t Need No Aimbot In Golf Clash Let’s be honest, Golf Clash is a game and if you would use an aimbot (or anybody would), there would only be bots playing the game – and the fun part is not having anything, the fun part is GETTING it.

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What is the best ball in golf clash?


Why do I keep losing in golf clash?

There is a chance that before a tournament starts, players from higher tours are playing on your tour that you have just reached. They obviously have many more skills and a lot better equipment than you do that would increase their chances of winning against you and that can be a major cause for your losing streak.

Does golf clash make you lose?

So, it can happen – or actually if you play many many games on Golf Clash – it WILL happen at some point that you will get a losing streak where you ‘re not luky or your opponent is super lucky even when not as good as you are. Poker is also a skill game but even the best players in the world use hands and tourneys.

Is golf clash pay to win?

But in Golf Clash , play is gated by gold: players have to pay to play a match but only receive gold if they win the match, which means a losing streak can deplete a player’s warchest and prevent them from being able to play.

What is the best wedge in golf clash?

The Endbringer This is a really good wedge out of the gate with it’s accuracy but you may have already unlocked and leveled up your Rapier by the time you unlock this epic. The only downside this club has is the amount of spin it has (at least until you hit level 6 & 7).

What is the best sand wedge in golf clash?


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What is the best short iron in golf clash?

For the best short iron club for accuracy, the Hornet will be our first pick with 91 accuracy. The Kingfisher falls short and comes in the second position with 83 accuracy.

Can I change my name in golf clash?

Changing your username is easy. Simply open the Golf Clash app and select your profile picture which appears at the top of the main menu screen. You will then see an edit icon next to your current name . Selecting this icon will allow you to input your new name .

Can you play golf clash on a laptop?

The problem with playing gorgeous sports games like Golf Clash on our tiny mobile devices comes down to the ease to play and see your game. With BlueStacks, you can play nearly any Android game or app right on your computer without any extra wires or a mobile device.

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