Wolf creek golf course

Wolf creek golf course

How much does it cost to play Wolf Creek?

Standard Rates

18 Holes $85
Platinum Card 18 Holes $42.50
After 6:00 $60 All you can play , includes cart
Junior Rate $75
9 Holes $55

Is Wolf Creek a real golf course?

Located in Mesquite, Nevada is Wolf Creek Golf Club an 18-hole golf course designed by Dennis and John Rider. Popularized by the EA Sports Tiger Woods franchise, Wolf Creek has earned a cult following and has been branded as a fantasy golf course .

How far is Wolf Creek from Las Vegas?

About. For golfers who want real desert, making the 80-minute drive from Sin City’s high-tech neon to Mesquite’s low-tech neon is a road to travel.

Who owns Wolf Creek Golf?

EDEN — Wolf Creek Golf Course has new owners. A group comprised of the owners of Lewis Homes Inc., Capon Capital and Destination Properties purchased the golf course on Sept. 9.

Where is Wolf Creek located?

Western Australia

How much is a round at Shadow Creek?

The fee to play Shadow Creek is $500 per golfer Monday through Thursday and only open to invited guests Friday through Sunday. Green Fees include, caddie and round trip limo transportation from MGM Resort hotel. Caddie and Drivers tip are not included.

What does rack mean in golf?

” Rack Rate” is sometimes applied to the price given to a Walk-On, someone who shows up at the course with no reservation, no tee-time, yet who wishes to play golf as soon as possible. KEY: Universal Golf Lingo. Regional Golf Slang.

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What is a split tee start?

” Split tees ” is a term that applies to the way some golf tournaments schedule golfers to tee off: When split tees are in use, groups of golfers start their rounds from both the No. 1 and No. 1 tee . With that normal teeing process in effect, the 9 a.m. tee time will see one group of golfers going off the No.

How many golf courses are in Mesquite?

7 golf courses

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