Westfield crazy golf

Westfield crazy golf

Where in Westfield is Puttshack?

Located at Westfield Square, putt your skills to the test now!

How do you beat crazy golf?

How to win at minigolf : tips and techniques Get a putter that fits you. The top of a correctly-sized putter should reach to your belt, and your hands should be in the middle of the grip. Ball speed is everything. Train yourself to hit the ball with a precisely measured amount of force. Focus on form and technique, not scores.

Is Puttshack inside Westfield?

Located in the world-famous Westfield shopping centre, you can check in your bags and leave your worries at the door. Good vibes only as you navigate our crazy, tech-infused mini golf courses and unique event spaces.

Do you need to book Puttshack?

We sure do , we have a wide range of dishes suitable for all ages. DO I HAVE TO BOOK A ROUND OF MINI GOLF IN ADVANCE? We recommend booking online to secure your round of mini golf, especially during peak hours.

Is Mini Golf good putting practice?

While you might need to make some adjustments to your swing when you switch between golfs, mini golf can teach you some valuable skills that you can apply to your course game. If anything, you may find that by practicing regular putting you will get better at mini golf .

How do you play mini golf like a pro?

Use these tips to become a miniature golf pro and a true leader on any course. Observe the Course. Many players take a “jump right in” approach to miniature golf . Use Proper Form. Take Your Time. Make Practice a Priority.

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