Pxg golf clubs uk

Pxg golf clubs uk

How much does a set of Pxg golf clubs cost?

0311 GEN3 Priced from $249 Per Club Priced from $425 $249 Per Club .

Where are Pxg golf clubs manufactured?

Parsons Xtreme Golf (abbreviated PXG ) is a global sports equipment manufacturing company that designs, markets, and sells a line of custom fitted golf equipment products and accessories, mainly clubs . Parsons Xtreme Golf .

Type Private
Headquarters Scottsdale, Arizona , USA
Area served Worldwide
Products Golf clubs
Website pxg .com

Are Pxg clubs worth the money?

They’re as good as anything on the market, but you can get the same level of performance at a lower price. But, oh, those irons . Over the past five years, I’ve had the chance to play with dozens of different irons from nearly every golf manufacturer, and the PXG irons are the best I’ve used.

Why are Pxg clubs so expensive?

The simple answer is because the owner, Bob Parsons, wants it that way. The materials and technologies used by PXG engineers are undeniably great and on par with other elite level club manufacturers, and the performance of the clubs is equally impressive.

Are Pxg 0211 irons worth it?

The 0211 irons are an excellent set of clubs, as you expect from the brand. As the first “affordable” set from PXG , they offer the high-class irons to golfers who are normally priced out of the market. They are premium irons , but don’t come with a budget-blowing price tag.

Do any pros use Pxg clubs?

Two-time PGA TOUR Winner Chez Reavie, PGA TOUR professionals Jason Kokrak and Joel Dahmen and LPGA Tour rookie Haley Moore will kick off the new year with PXG clubs in play . Jason Kokrak and Joel Dahmen also had their best year on tour in 2019 – both with a selection of PXG clubs in the bag.

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Are Pxg drivers any good?

PXG prides itself on the fact the driver is light weight and reduces spin – thus maximizing driving distance for players, while also correcting the sidespin and fade tendency that many players experienced in the first generation driver . All told, the Club looks great , and sounds great on paper.

Are Pxg putters good?

Aesthetics. Though new to my putter hoard, the PXG Blackjack now sits as one of the best -looking mallet putters in my collection. Though my assessment is subjective, nearly every visual aspect of the Blackjack package just works. The putter is amazing at address.

Why are Pxg wedges so expensive?

Why are the 0311T milled wedges so expensive ? Alex Riggs: The wedges at start at around $750 and go up to around a $1000 and the reason the wedges are at that price point is because of the process that is used to produce the clubs.

Do Pxg irons go further?

You can see that my worst shots with the PXG irons were still going much further than my current set while remaining on the target line. That is a huge advantage on the golf course. If I can have an 8- iron in my hands rather than a 7- iron , I will hit more greens on average over time.

What is so special about Pxg irons?

But the process of building the irons remains unique to PXG . The 0311 wedges, as opposed to the irons , are one-piece forged clubs made from S25C soft carbon steel that don’t use the TPE injection-molding process. They do, however, boast perimeter forgiveness thanks to the signature tungsten weights.

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Are Pxg irons good for high handicappers?

Don’t be scared off by the name “Super Game Improvement.” The SGI irons are our highest -performing GEN2 irons . They go farther, straighter, higher and are easier to hit than any other GEN2 iron we make. And they’re not just for high handicappers ; plenty of single-digit handicappers play SGI irons .

Are Pxg drivers forgiving?

For 2019 PXG has gone back to the drawing board and designed two new drivers from the ground up. The larger profile 0811 XF is a higher launching – mid spin driver and thanks to its combined MOI being over 10,000g-cm2 PXG reckon it’s the most forgiving driver on the market.

Are Pxg 0211 irons forgiving?

What impresses me most about PXG’s irons is the forgiveness they get into an attractive package. The thin face and COR2 inside the head create high ball speed across the face. Also, the wider sole helps to make thin misses more playable. The PXG 0211 irons are also long, a feature enhanced by the progressive design.

How much does a Pxg fitting cost?

A fitting fee of $50 will be collected from your local PXG representative prior to your scheduled fitting .

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