Polo or golf

Polo or golf

Which is better polo or golf?

In terms of performance, the VW Golf seems to edge the battle with a sportier, more modern set up, as well as offering cheaper MPG running costs. Furthermore, the Golf is a more viable option as a family car due to its slightly larger stature, bigger boot and better tech. However, the Polo impresses, too.

Is the VW Polo the same as the golf?

VW Polo : This is (as everyone knows) a smaller Golf . Everything inside looks great, good quality interior, almost looks like a Golf but at a smaller scale. VW Golf : Until VW Golf 6 (previous generation of Golf ), the difference between Polo and Golf was small. For example, the plastics and audio systems were the same .

Is Volkswagen Polo worth buying?

The Polo doesn’t have too many features, less rear space, engine is ok in performance, service could have been better and even the model has aged. In a nutshell, there are much options than Polo today in the Indian car market. 5 Reasons to Avoid VW Polo 2020 read on MotorOctane.

What is the best Volkswagen Polo to buy?

Best Volkswagen Polo for The diesel 80hp and 95hp engines return similar fuel economy, but the least powerful engine is the only one that you can buy in good -value SE specification. If you’re not covering high mileages, the SE 1.0 TSI 95 petrol offers a good blend of price, economy and performance.

Why is VW Polo so popular?

The Volkswagen Polo is a premium supermini, and a rival for the likes of the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Renault Clio. We like the Polo because of its great interior quality, the breadth of its engine range and its long-distance refinement.

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How long will a VW Polo last?

six years

Is Polo good for long drives?

Volkswagen Polo User Reviews This is a fun car for solo long road trips the new polo has 1 liter engine but i own the old 1.5 polo 1 liter engine is also a good engine but i like1. 5 one. This is really a driver’s car.So strongly built, So smooth in running, Awesome transmission, Cabin cooling is superb.

Which is better TDI or TSI?

If you look at the 2016 Golf TSI model, it is more affordable than the TDI and offers slightly more horsepower. The 2016 Golf TDI on the other hand, offers more torque.

Is the Volkswagen Polo reliable?

Unfortunately, the Polo isn’t the most reliable of cars, according to our latest What Car? Reliability Survey. The Polo came in 17th place out of a class of 25, with owners citing problems with the air conditioning, engine start/stop system and infotainment screen.

Is Polo worth buying in 2020?

The automatic transmission is a bit expensive but not too pricey either. The Highline Plus variant of the 2020 VW Polo is totally worth buying as it offers the best value for money.

Is Polo expensive to maintain?

The estimated maintenance cost of Volkswagen Polo 2015-2019 for 4 years is Rs 29,355. The first service after 7500 km is free of cost.

Why polo is so expensive?

Why are Ralph Lauren’s clothes so expensive ? Prestige fashion companies target the “High Class”. They target their market as being exclusive and unique to their brand. For example: If a polo shirt is priced for more than 100$, most consumers automatically assume that the value is therefore superior than the 20$ shirt.

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Is the new Polo High Risk?

“ According to the 2017 report released by Ctrack, the following vehicles showed to be the most ‘ high – risk ‘ for vehicle theft and hijacking: VW Polo is the most hijacked passenger vehicle in the country. Toyota Fortuner is the most hijacked SUV.

Should I buy a used Volkswagen Polo?

The standard Polo is a nice to drive car but with the GT, Volkswagen has increased the dosage of performance. You can get a good used example of the sporty hatchback for anywhere between Rs 5-7 lakh, so it is worth considering as a used buy .

Does a Volkswagen Polo have a Cambelt?

All engines, apart from the 1.2 litres, have a cambelt which is inspected every service and replaced when necessary (£434).

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