Left handed golf swing

Left handed golf swing

What is the proper grip for a left handed golfer?

Position the club so that the grip sits at the base of the little finger in your left hand, and then intersects the middle part of your index finger further down. As you wrap the rest of your left hand around the grip , the ‘V’ between your thumb and your index finger should point up towards your right shoulder.

Which hand is the power hand in the golf swing?

When you want to get some extra distance out of your drives, it’s natural to think that your right or dominant hand (for right -handed golfers) should supply the power. In reality, however, maximum power is a result of a left-hand lead.

Is golf harder for lefties?

Is golf harder than lefties ? I would have to answer yes. While it’s better than it was the past 15-20 years, the sport is still more challenging for lefties . In fact, a lot of players are lefty and choose to play right handed just to make the sport easier.

Do left handed golfers have an advantage?

The theory follows that because it is generally easier to slice the ball than hook it, left – handers have a natural edge with their tee shots on dogleg left holes. Mickelson agrees and said there were other advantages , including some of the key pin positions on the lightning fast greens at Augusta.

Should a left handed person play golf right handed?

Golf is a game many left – handers end up playing right – handed , often because they learned with the much more available right – handed clubs. But, if you enjoy the game, you may want to switch over, buy some lefty clubs and start playing golf the way you were meant to play .

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What is a strong left hand grip in golf?

Now a strong left hand position is when the left hand is too much on top of the grip . You’ll often see a lot of players who hit the ball low use a strong golf grip , or who hit the ball left with a very strong left hand . Now a strong left hand position is when the left hand is too much on top of the grip .

What hand should a left handed golfer wear a glove on?

The answer is simple, sort of. Traditionally, players wear one glove on their weak hand . So, a right – handed golfer would wear one on his left hand , while a left – handed golfer would wear one on his right hand .

Which hand controls the clubface?

left hand

What does the right hand do in golf swing?

A lot of right – hand -dominant golfers do this, it causes the club moves quickly to the inside. From there, you have to lift it to get to the top, and that reduces body rotation and saps a lot of energy out of the swing . You lose all of that torque that’s produced when the upper body turns against a stable lower body.

How close should hands be to body in golf swing?

Your hands should hang between your feet, about level with your toes, and in front of the zipper on your trousers (which moved towards the target when you shifted your hips to tilt your spine) ā€” see Figures 1 and 4.

What percentage of golfers can break 100?


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How do left handers hold drivers?

Holding a Driver Place your left hand on the club, then place your right hand on the club so your right hand is overlapping the ring and middle fingers of your left hand . After you place your right hand on the club, make sure your right thumb and index finger creates a ā€œVā€ so it lines up with the middle of your torso.

Are left handed golf clubs more expensive?

Being naturally left handed is both a blessing and a curse. However, most times, the left handed club sets cost exactly the same as the right handed models. Golf clubs can also be custom made.

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