How to set up a golf society

How to set up a golf society

How do you organize a golf society?

Our top 10 tips for arranging a society day: Location, Location, Location. Make sure you pick a golf course that all the people can get to. Get an idea of the costs for a society day. Practice Facilities. Know you numbers. Payment of Green Fees. Organise a practice round. Trophies & Prizes. Get there early.

What is society golf?

A golf society is essentially a golf club without a course. A golf society can monitor a player’s handicap, keep it updated and issue a handicap certificate. The big advantage though is that the player is not limited to play only one course.

What is a Golf Society Day?

For many golfers , their first introduction to the game is through a golf society – when enthusiasts gather at a pre-booked venue to take advantage of special rates. It’s also an opportunity for fellow golfers to win a few prizes and establish ‘unofficial handicaps’ if they’re not already members of a golf club.

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