Golf downswing drills

Golf downswing drills

What starts the golf downswing?

The hips initiate the downswing . At the top of the backswing, the hips have turned back, away from the ball and the target. On the way down, they will turn back and face the target directly. The rotation of them will result in the front hip (left for a right-handed player) bumping, or lifting forward and up in the air.

Should I pause at the top of my backswing?

Pausing is not something you would generally teach a player to incorporate in their swing but rather give as a drill to feel a loading or certain position at the top . Most golfers that pause at the top of the swing have been doing it since they started playing and have had years of experience with it under pressure.

Do the hips start the downswing in golf?

LEAD WITH THE HIPS , NOT THE ARMS From there, initiate the downswing by turning your belt buckle and hips hard to the left while keeping your back to the target. As you start down, try to keep your back facing the target as you unwind your hips . Your shoulders, chest, arms, hands and the clubhead will naturally follow.

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