Golf clash stats

Golf clash stats

What is the best driver in golf clash?

Best Club of Each Type in Golf Clash

Club Type Club Name Club Level
Driver The Apocalypse 7
Wood The Cataclysm 7
Long Iron The B52 7
Short Iron The Hornet 8

What are the rare clubs in golf clash?


Tour Club Name Rarity
1 The Apache Rare
2 The Kingfisher Epic
3 The Runner Common
4 The Thorn Rare

How do you win in golf clash?

The good news is you can rely on our Golf Clash ultimate strategy guide to teach you everything you need to know! Timing Is Everything. Move Your Target. Learn How To Putt. Upgrade Your Gear. Know Your Clubs. Get Free Chests. Open Those Chests. Aim For Achievements.

What is the best rough iron in golf clash?

Nirvana. This is the rough iron that you should be aiming to get and build up. At level 4, there’s a good chance it’ll be the best all around choice. At level 5, you’ll get another big bump and it becomes a great club for going deep and taking on precision shots near the green.

Does golf clash make you lose?

So, it can happen – or actually if you play many many games on Golf Clash – it WILL happen at some point that you will get a losing streak where you ‘re not luky or your opponent is super lucky even when not as good as you are. Poker is also a skill game but even the best players in the world use hands and tourneys.

Is the game golf clash rigged?

In the end, it has to be said that Golf Clash isn’t rigged . The game is just bad at handling its replay method which is why so many players believe that it is rigged . In the end, all you can do is keep practicing in order to beat even the best replays.

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What is the best wedge in golf clash?

The Endbringer This is a really good wedge out of the gate with it’s accuracy but you may have already unlocked and leveled up your Rapier by the time you unlock this epic. The only downside this club has is the amount of spin it has (at least until you hit level 6 & 7).

Are there cheats for golf clash?

Well the news is that there is a form of cheating that is commonly used in Golf Clash . This is known as sandbagging.

What is the best sand wedge in golf clash?


What is the ring method in golf clash?

Ring Method It boils down to calculating how many MPH each ring is worth based on the accuracy rating of the club you’re using for your shot.

Are golf clash hacks safe?

Can I be banned after using the Free Golf Clash Hack tool? If you are concerned about your account being banned, stop worrying. Our tool is hundred percent safe to use. It’s been tested on over 7000 accounts to this point and not even 1 account has been banned.

Does golf clash use bots?

We only use the offline players to make sure that you can always find a match. This is vital for tournaments, as it makes sure that players can always finish their rounds.

What is accuracy in golf clash?

Accuracy is one of the key stats in Golf Clash and you really need to understand it to actually know what club to use and how to adapt to wind. If heard several players saying that accuracy will slow down the meter when timing your shot, but that’s NOT true – accuracy is about aiming your shots!

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