Arccos golf uk

Arccos golf uk

Is Arccos golf free?

From your date of registration you will receive a 90-day FREE trial to Arccos Caddie. After 90 days you will be charged an annual subscription fee of $99.99.

Does Arccos require subscription?

No, the subscription version of Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors will not be released until early-2020. The 2nd Generation version, which is still widely available on our website and with key retail partners, is a non- subscription product and does not need an active subscription .

Does Arccos work with Garmin?

Both Garmin and Arccos sensors provide quality data for each club that you pair. The only difference between the two is Arccos has a built-in GPS system so you can track the distances of your shots to the holes. The only way to get the GPS function on the Garmin Approach is to pair it with the Garmin watch.

What is the difference between Arccos Caddie and Arccos 360?

“Our decision to rebrand ‘ Arccos 360 ‘ as ‘ Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors’ reflects our commitment to harnessing the power of data and A.I. to help golfers make smarter decisions and shoot lower scores.” The Arccos 360 app will also be rebranded as “ Arccos Caddie ” in both the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Are Arccos sensors worth it?

Yes, it’s definitely worth it . First, Arccos Generation 1 sensors were relatively big and somewhat annoying to the users because of the extra weight the sensors added to the club. Arccos 360 tracking system comes with super-light and smaller sensors that are simple to screw and highly undetectable during play.

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Does Arccos track swing speed?

We track the player through the phone’s GPS and do not track the actual flight of the ball. We do not measure any type of swing analytics such as swing plane, attack angle, ball speed , swing speed , etc.

How long do Arccos sensors last?

Ultralight, low-profile sensors . Battery designed to last 5 years and fully guaranteed for 2 years.

Can you use Arccos without sensors?

Yes, using Arccos with clubs that do not have sensors attached would cause Arccos to miss shots and will reflect inaccurate information about your game.

Is Arccos Caddie legal?

Arccos Caddie Link Wearable Now Permitted Under the Rules of Golf. The Arccos Caddie app is also Permitted Under the Rules of Golf, according to USGA decision #2017-0754 (for international users this also means that it is permitted in countries governed by the R&A as there is no bifurcation of the rules).

How accurate is Arccos?

I’ve used Arccos in the past and they’ve always been pretty accurate . After testing them out I was glad to see that they were just as accurate as before (always very close to my laser rangefinder). It wasn’t 100% but my shot distance always seems to be within 5 yards of the course markers.

Does Arccos Caddie work with Apple Watch?

It’s available to iPhone users who have second- or third-generation Arccos sensors (non-Bluetooth), Series 2-5 Apple Watches , and can be accessed (if you haven’t done so already) by simply updating the Arccos Caddie App.

What is the best golf tracking system?

Best Swing Analyzer: Arccos Caddie Golf Performance Tracking System . Our Best Simulator Pick: Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Simulator and Swing Analyzer. Best Portable Swing Analyzer: Voice Caddie Golf Swing Caddie SC200 Portable Launch Monitor. Our Top Pick for Improving Your Putting: Blast Golf Swing Trainer.

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Can you use Arccos in competition?

Arccos Caddie can be used in competitions when rangefinders are allowed. To comply, the Arccos Caddie app must be toggled to “ Tournament Mode,” which turns off the live display of elevation. To enable tournament mode, navigate to settings in the Arccos Caddie app.

How do I cancel my Arccos subscription?

To cancel your subscription to Arccos Caddie, you must contact our customer service team by emailing [email protected] Please provide a detailed reason for your cancellation , so we can better understand your experience which will help us improve the product in the future.

How do Arccos smart sensors work?

The Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors or Smart Grips you installed on each club detect the impact of you hitting a golf ball. Each sensor has a unique transmitter inside of it paired to your phone, and clubs are paired as separate and unique devices. This allows the app to know which club was used when hitting a shot.

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